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Welcome to a 'World of Russian Dolls!'

For unique gifts come and browse some of the most individual presents to be found anywhere.

Russian dolls are iconic, everlasting and never go out of fashion. If you're looking for a gift that will stand the test of time then our little treasures are ideal.

Our great selection of gift ideas means that you'll be spoilt for choice in finding the ultimate presents. You may be looking for something special and unique for a friend or a loved one.

We have traditional dolls, unusual animal dolls and you can even find sets to paint yourself. We also have Russian hip flasks and fur hats for those cold winter's nights. Welcome to a world of Russian Dolls and unique gifts from Annushka.

Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls Lincoln

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Traditional Russian Dolls

Annushka On The BBC

An exclusive set of Annushka Russian dolls appeared on the BBC Horizon programme 'How small is the Universe?'. Splitting the atom, splitting the dolls. A great analogy using our handmade 20 piece set. View the BBC clip...

Annushka meets Kermit the Frog

The smash hit Disney film ‘Muppets Most Wanted’, an action packed comedy caper, saw the main villain using a set of Annushka Russian Dolls, bought from our Lincoln shop, as part of his master plan! Click for more details...

Annushka at the Lincoln Christmas Market

1st to 4th December 2016. Visitors are welcomed to our beautiful city and our traditional Christmas Market, with a unique atmosphere, 250 stalls and the unique Annushka Russian Dolls shop! Click to find out more...

All Annushka Russian dolls are constructed using traditional methods passed down through generations. As every piece of wood has its own expansion characteristics, it is vital that each individual doll is carved from the same piece of wood in order to create a lifetime fit. No measurements are made during the turning process; sizing is done by eye making each set unique. The dolls are then hand painted and allowed to dry before being fitted together.

Russian Dolls 'Matryoshka' Museum Click here for a guide to Russia
Semenov Russian Dolls
Fair Trade

As a family business we take great pride in knowing that the craftspeople all receive a fair price, which helps to safeguard their industry for the future.

Russian Folk Crafts Disappearing
Christmas Russian Dolls